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Trek’s New Slash Goes High-Pivot and Mixed-Wheel for 2024

More pulleys for more performance?

2024 Trek Slash, tabletop
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If you’re a fan of long-travel MTBs, you’ve probably had your eyes on Trek’s Slash at some point. If you also like high-pivot bikes, you’ll be stoked to see the new 2024 Slash. Aside from the new linkage, Trek has made a few other notable updates to the 6th generation Slash.

For 2024, Trek boosted rear travel to 170mm. Another significant update is the move to mixed-wheel setups. All new Slashes come stock with MX wheels, except on small frames which stick with 27.5” front and rear. Medium frames or larger do offer the option of running a 29” rear wheel.

Trek doesn’t simply describe the new Slash as an enduro bike, they’ve billed it more broadly as a long-travel bike intended for all-mountain riding, enduro racing, or bike park shredding. With gobs of travel and refined pedaling characteristics, the new Slash could be a tempting option for anyone who enjoys riding rough terrain. 

2024 Trek Slash – Frame Details

2024 Trek Slash, front angle

The new Slash offers 170mm rear travel, adding 10mm from the previous Slash. 170mm forks come stock on all models. Trek says you can run up to 190mm single crown forks, but they haven’t tested the Slash with dual crown forks so they won’t give the green light for that conversion. 

Trek decided the MX wheel setup was ideal for the Slash, offering optimal rollover up front and agile handling plus extra tire clearance out back. While all models of the new Slash will be sold with MX wheel setups, medium-XL frames can run 29” wheels if you swap the stock lower shock mount for the geo-correcting 29” version (sold separately).

Wheel Size

2024 Trek Slash, small frame
Apologies for the low-quality image, this was the only shot available to show the small frame 27.5″ Slash.

As noted above, small frames run a set of 27.5” wheels to offer a proportional fit and easier handling for smaller riders. Trek notes there is not enough clearance to put a 29” rear wheel on the small frame, nor can you run a 29” fork and front wheel. They also don’t recommend running a 27.5” front wheel in the larger frame sizes.

The new Slash does not have Trek’s Mino Link flip-chip. Trek says with the angle adjust headset cups and swappable lower shock mounts the Mino Link is no longer necessary.  They’ve also decided to axe their Knock Block headset steering stops.

Size-Specific Chain Stays

2024 Trek Slash, chainstay

Trek took an interesting approach to providing size-specific chainstays on the new Slash. The chainstays for all frame sizes are actually the same; the location of the BB on the front triangles varies to create different rear end lengths for almost every size. 

If you’re wondering about chain length with the new high-pivot linkage, most sizes of the new Slash run a standard uncut 126-link chain, but the XL frames do require 128 links.

More Dropper Post

2024 Trek Slash, brake and rotor

The new Slash frames boast significantly increased dropper post insertion. A medium frame can accommodate a 200mm post, and a small can run up to 170mm.  

As for fitments, the Slash uses Boost 148 rear axle spacing and has a 55mm chainline. Max chainring size is 34t (round) or 32t (oval). The bottom bracket is a BSA threaded 73mm, with a 3-bolt ISCG05 mount. Max tire clearance is 2.5” for 27.5” or 29” wheels. The frame has a 200mm post-mount for the rear caliper, but you can size up to a 220mm rotor. The new Slash frames use SRAM’s UDH derailleur hangers.

Updated Storage

2024 Trek Slash, in-frame storage

Trek has revised their in-frame storage for the new Slash: The compartment opening is now bigger, and the latch is now easier to reach. Trek has added ‘chunnels’ inside the frame to eliminate the chance of cables catching on your cargo or the included BITS tool roll. All bikes and framesets come with a right side-loading Bontrager bottle cage. In an eco-friendly move, Trek is now making all the plastic parts of the storage compartment from recycled materials. One note for smaller riders; the size small Slash can still fit a water bottle, and still offers in-frame storage.

Included Rear Fender

2024 Trek Slash, fender

Trek includes a rear fender with the new Slash, which was designed to match the look of fork-mounted front fenders. It can be used with a 27.5” rear wheel, but if you go for a full 29” setup the fender must be removed, as it does not leave ample clearance for the bigger wheel.

Under-Paint Frame Protection?

2024 Trek Slash, down tube guards

To protect your steed, Trek did something unique with the new Slash – The carbon frames come prewrapped with an impact-resistant film that sits under the paint. The Slash also features two replaceable dual-density upper and lower down tube guards. The chainstay also gets a noise-reducing guard, shaped to prevent the chain from whipping and to reduce both vertical and lateral chain movement.


2024 Trek Slash, idler pulleys

The new Slash still uses Trek’s long-standing ABP linkage, but it’s been revised to work with the high-pivot design. Trek’s ABP linkage keeps the suspension active under braking and allows them to tune anti-squat and anti-rise independently.

2024 Trek Slash, wheel path chart

With its rearward axle path, the Slash’s rear wheel resists hanging up on square-edged hits and helps maintain momentum.

2024 Trek Slash, anti-squat chart

The Slash’s oversized 19t upper idler and its precise position were engineered to optimize pedaling efficiency and achieve Trek’s desired anti-squat value (which is now much closer to the 2022 Top Fuel than the previous Slash, as the chart above shows). The upper idler also eliminates pedal kickback caused by chain growth.

The lower idler pulley fights the effects of chain growth, preventing the chain from pulling the derailleur cage. This means smoother drivetrain performance and free suspension movement that doesn’t battle against the derailleur clutch.

2024 Trek Slash, leverage chart

Just like the latest Fuel EX, the new Slash includes a leverage rate adjustment chip, so you can choose between ‘Less’ and ‘More’ settings. This chip provides another bit of adjustability so riders can fine-tune the Slash’s suspension curve to suit their weight or riding style. The Slash’s suspension is suitable for air or coil shocks, but flipping the leverage chip to the ‘More’ setting will likely yield the best results with coil shocks.


2024 Trek Slash, mullet geometry
2024 Trek Slash, matched wheel geometry

Trek’s geometry is certainly up-to-date, if not pushing the envelope in some areas… like the very slack head tube at 63.5°! That head tube angle is adjustable by +/- 1° with Trek’s angle adjust headset cups (sold separately).

With the different headset cups and wheel size options, there are actually six different geo configurations for the new Slash. Included above are the numbers for MX bikes and full 27.5” or 29” bikes, with the stock headset cups. Check out Trek’s website if you want to crunch the numbers on the Slack or Steep configurations.

Almost every frame size gets its own chainstay length, except the M/L and large frames which share the same rear-end measurement. Smaller riders will be happy to see the size small Slash has a dropped top tube to keep the standover height low.

Model Lineup

2024 Trek Slash 8 aluminum frame, side
Pictured above is the Slash 8 with the aluminum frame.

The new Slash is available in seven different builds. That’s a lot of parts and color options to list here, so check out Trek’s website for complete build specs on each. A few quick notes on builds; The Slash 8 and 9 models come with aluminum frames, and all others are full carbon. One cool thing about Trek’s builds is that they offer buyers the choice of Shimano or SRAM drivetrains.

2024 Trek Slash 9.9 XX AXS, side
Here’s the range-topping 9.9 XX AXS T-Type.

If you are in the market for the highest-end 9.9 XX AXS T-Type build, you get one big upgrade for your money… SRAM’s Flight Attendant electronic suspension adjuster is included on the RockShox Zeb Ultimate fork.  Also, all 9.9 models come with a BITS steerer tube multi-tool.  

  • Slash 8 – $4399
  • Slash 9 GX AXS T-Type – $5799
  • Slash 9.8 GX AXS T-Type – $7999
  • Slash 9.8 XT – $7399
  • Slash 9.9 XTR – $9599
  • Slash 9.9 X0 AXS T-Type – $9399
  • Slash 9.9 XX AXS T-Type – $11,499

I was hoping to have my hands on a new Slash well before launch, but due to a shipping delay the bike just arrived yesterday… keep an eye on Bikerumor for a complete review later this fall.


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