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Adidas SP0057 Sunglasses Review: Versatile, Protective Eye Coverage

After testing several pairs of sunglasses, I find myself opting to wear them on almost all my rides.

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, SF, spring ride
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The right pair of sunglasses can reduce eye strain in bright sunshine or rapidly changing light conditions. Even more important though, they can keep your eyes protected from the sun and trail debris.

I got a pair of Adidas SP0057 sunglasses with a rose photochromic lens and was pleased with their versatility and protection. Aside from a small issue with the arms being a bit wide for me, I was happy with the photochromic lens’ versatility, the lens’ coverage, and the secure fit the SP0057 provided.  

Adidas SP0057 Sunglasses – Construction:

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, front

The SP0057s come with several lens options, but my test pair was equipped with the rose photochromic lens, with a transmission range of 1-3. Adidas describes this range offering ‘limited protection’ to ‘high protection’ against sun glare.

A lightweight, flexible TR90 wrap frame offers a full-rim fit around the Adidas Shield lens. To prevent condensation, the frames feature ‘Dynamic Aeration Technology’, which is one hell of a way to say Adidas put nine vent holes across the top to keep condensation from building up.

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, backside

The SP0057’s adjustable rubber nose pads provide a custom fit, and they’re designed not to leave marks on your nose even after several hours of use. The little stripes on the inside help channel sweat away, and there’s a small ventilation hole in each nose pad too.

The arms on the SP0057 include flexible temples with rubber insides for comfort and grip. Adidas’ Security Block arm hinges hold the arms in either open or closed positions. This ensures the temples don’t contact the lenses when the sunglasses are folded up, and Adidas says the hinge is much more durable than other designs.

The SP0057s are considered a unisex model, and they come in one size – Arm length is 140mm, and lens width is 131mm. Adidas offers the SP0057s with a wide selection of frame colors and lens combinations, so check out their website for all the options. MSRP is $175, and they are covered by a two-year warranty.

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, on scale

The SP0057s are listed at 32g, but weighed 31g on my scale! It’s not the 22g weight of the POC Elicit Ti 3D printed glasses, but they’re not $400 either.

Ride Impressions:

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, SF, descending

Out of the box, the SP0057s sat crooked, but the adjustable nose pads allowed them to sit straight. After a few minutes of fiddling, they aligned nicely and the nose pads stayed in place after my initial adjustment.

The SP0057’s frames are quite large but not invisible – I can easily see all sides of the frames if I try. But they’re big enough to offer a good field-of-view and not be distracting while you ride. 

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, with helmet

I tested the fit of the SP0057s with four different open-faced helmets, and they fit well with two out of four. My ABUS MoDrop and Oakley DRT5 both easily accommodated the SP0057s. They almost fit my POC Kortal Race MIPS, but the arms are wide enough to slightly contact the helmet near my temples. I did not have success with my Endura MT500, as its shell sits very low on my head and leaves no room for the sunglasses’ arms. It’s worth noting the MT500 is the deepest fitting shell I have, as my head is on the small end of their size medium range.

The SP0057’s have a generous hook on the end of the arms. Depending on how your helmet fits you may have to put them on starting with the hook first.

The Lens

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, tinted
This is the darkest tint I could get from the SP0057s, but it still helped in bright conditions.

At first, I didn’t think I was seeing much action from the rose photochromic lens. While Adidas advertises their light range as 1-3, which is the same as a pair of Julbo sunglasses I was also testing, the SP0057 definitely did not provide as wide a transmission range as the Julbos. At this point I thought the SP0057’s would not be ideal for bright sunny days…

However, I soon got a perfect day to test them out, with conditions varying from cloudy to sunny. When I got home I was much happier with them than expected. They provide just enough shade that your eyes can relax in sunny conditions. When the clouds come in (or you duck into the deep woods) they keep things bright enough for unimpeded vision. The rose photochromic lens is a versatile option, as it can handle direct sun but is ideal for low-light.

Sunglasses for Whistler

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, SF climbing

On that note, I finally got to test the SP0057’s in dim, rainy conditions during Crankworx Whistler. The lens was a good choice for that ride, keeping things looking clear and bright in the deep forest.

It was a warm, humid day and lightly raining through half of the Crankworx ride. The SP0057s did get foggy whenever I stopped moving. But as soon as I got rolling they cleared up quickly.

The size and shape of the Shield lens provides a protective feel, keeping wind and mud splatters off my eyes. I think Adidas found a good shape that provides generous coverage without being excessively large.

The Fit

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, arm on me

I did have one comfort issue with the SP0057s, but thankfully, not a serious one. The width of the arms is a bit excessive for my narrow head. As a result, I found the arms were pushing my ears outwards just a bit. On one fairly short ride, I came home with sore spots on my ears, but it wasn’t a consistent issue. I went for a longer ride another day and experienced no soreness or irritation at all. The bottom line is the issue is minor enough that I’ll still take these for a ride anytime.

Anyone with a wider head than me would not likely have this issue, but if you’ve got a narrow noggin it’s something to consider. Adidas lists the width of the SP0057s at 131mm, but that’s the lens: At the widest point (near the ears), the arms measure roughly 150mm in width.  

Adidas SP0057 sunglasses, with case and cloth

Aside from the somewhat wide arms, I have no real complaints about the SP0057’s. They are nice and lightweight, and they don’t move around at all while I ride. The rubber nose piece and temples do a great job of not slipping, even when you get sweaty. Last but not least I like the styling, which is simple and not too extreme for casual, everyday use.


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